Do you dream of a life in the skies? A jet setting lifestyle with a generous tax free salary? With free accommodation, transport and living allowance? Who wouldn’t? It’s little wonder the big three Middle Eastern Airlines attract over 500,000 applications each year. 

With a less than 5% success rate for applicants, it’s clear that competition is fierce. 

What separates those who make it and those who don’t is knowledge and preparation. 

Learn2Crew are a team of dedicated ex-crew and recruitment specialists, with years of experience working for the Middle Eastern Big Three, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar. We know what it takes to succeed, from your initial application, through to Open and Assessment Days, your Final Interview and eventually the start of your new life in Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

With a range of services available, we strive to give you the very best opportunity to gain your wings and embark on a truly exciting career path.