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Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment - Latest News

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Securing a job with Emirates is no walk in the park. Thousands upon thousands of applicants submit their CVs every month and only a tiny percentage of those will receive the much sought after ‘Golden Call’ inviting them to join the airline.

Luckily, with Learn2Crew, we offer a wealth of experience, insider information and real-world testing so can guide you on exactly what to expect.

So, what’s the latest news?

Over the last couple of years Emirates has gone through various changes in their recruitment process. In the past there were just two ways to apply – firstly completing an online application or secondly, attending an open day. In December 2016, due to financial restraints, Emirates halted new applications and ceased to host any new open days.

Following the hiatus, some changes were made to the application process. In an effort to streamline the huge costs of recruiting across the globe, Emirates embarked on online central hiring process. Open days were no more, and candidates would be shortlisted exclusively online. Those shortlisted candidates would then use on-demand video interviews and then the subsequent successful candidates would then be invited to invite-only assessment days.

Emirates went live with this new process in 2018, but very quickly encountered technical issues and soon enough the old style Open Days were back.

From 2019, Emirates, now suffering from staff shortages, began to hold Open Days across the globe once again.

And as we enter 2020, we are now seeing a huge recruitment drive with Open Days being held most days throughout February and March (see our Cabin Crew Jobs page for the latest destinations) However invite-only assessment days do still exist in some locations and require you to apply beforehand. In some countries such as, Ukraine, Russia and Japan, Emirates have appointed a third-party agency – details can be found on the careers website.

Remember, there is a huge number of applications submitted online, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear anything back right away. However, Emirates have stated that if you do not get a response within 6 weeks, you can consider your application unsuccessful at this time.

Let us know if you have any questions, or why not schedule a consultation call with one of our experts to thoroughly prepare you for your application process.

Good Luck!

The Learn2Crew Team

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